Persepolis Griffin

Persepolis Griffin necklace

18ct yellow gold, tanzanites, diamonds and lapis lazuli.

This piece is inspired by the imposing and beautiful double-headed stone griffin, found amongst the giant ruins of the ancient Persian city of Persepolis (below).

The griffin is a legendary mythological creature with the head and wings of an eagle and the torso of a lion. Powerful and majestic, they have been portrayed in different cultures since ancient times.

The necklace is adorned with a centre-piece of diamond set, overlapping eagle wings, whilst tanzanites and lapis lazuli reflect the blue colours that are found in the mosques of this region.

The decorative fringe underneath the piece, represents the long, vertical column that the griffins stand on. The necklace is styled in a heavy, classical way, symbolic of the imposing monuments of Persepolis.

griffin monument

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