Exclusivity ~ Craftsmanship ~ Original Design

Louisa Westwood is a London-based, independent designer and maker of exquisite jewels, with a passion for bold, individualistic designs that capture the imagination. She draws inspiration from art, the animal kingdom and ancient civilisations to create statement pieces that are striking, yet elegant.

Only a small number of exclusive, new creations are released each year as one-off or limited edition pieces, and sold to private, discerning clients and collectors worldwide. Clients can also be involved in the design process by commissioning a bespoke, made-to-order piece.

A deep respect for old-fashioned craftsmanship means that each piece is designed in gouache watercolours, and then entirely handmade, using traditional goldsmithing techniques. This respect for craftsmanship is extended to all areas of production, from timeless letterpress printed business cards to bespoke, handmade leather jewellery boxes.