Louisa Westwood is a London-based jeweller, who creates visually arresting, powerful pieces that incorporate a fusion of cultural aesthetics. Her creations are acquired by discerning clients, who value originality of design and traditional British craftsmanship, combined with exclusivity and storytelling.

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Louisa is a former tech lawyer, who started goldsmithing as a hobby in her twenties. Although she was in a rewarding career, she felt a continual pull to the creative world. Ultimately, the desire to pursue her passion proved irresistible, and she decided to move away from being a solicitor to focus on creating beautiful jewels.

Original design

Louisa is passionate about visual arts that exude power, scale, colour and beauty, and travels whenever possible, to experience different cultures away from her life in London. She draws inspiration from ancient civilisations, mythology, the animal kingdom and classical works of art depicting powerful female figures.


Only a small number of exclusive new pieces are created each year, and acquired by private, discerning clients and collectors worldwide. Each item is a one of a kind or a limited-edition piece. Louisa often sources unusual, coloured gemstones from around the world, that are unique or custom-cut for the piece.


Each piece is handmade using traditional goldsmithing skills. Louisa avoids computer-aided design and manufacture, and believes that a handcrafted piece of jewellery possesses an undeniable warmth that is rare to find in mass-produced pieces. All jewellery is packaged in beautiful bespoke, handmade leather boxes.


All gemstones are sourced from reputable suppliers who are committed to practising ethical trading. In order to protect the marine ecosystem, only vintage and antique coral is used. All gold is 100% recycled and each item is fully hallmarked. Louisa is also a supporter of wild animal conservation.