Ruby Dragon

Ruby Dragon necklace

18ct yellow gold, rubies, diamonds, sapphire, natural untreated druzy and kyanite beads.

This piece is inspired by the beautiful Asian dragon, a symbol of power, strength and good luck.

Half of the dragon’s long, fluid body is grain set with rubies, to represent his rough scales and to reflect the importance of the colour red in Asian culture. The other half is pure, smooth yellow gold, with touches of champagne diamonds, to represent his soft underbelly.

The ‘spacers’ between the beads are styled in a traditional cloud design, whilst shimmering kyanite beads represent the blue sky.

The centre stone is a natural, untreated druzy cut especially for the piece, which sparkles in the evening light.  The choice of stone is inspired by Hokusai’s work entitled ‘The Dragon of Smoke Escaping from Mount Fuji‘ (below).

Hokusai, 'Smoke Escaping from Mount Fuji'.

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